Scrapbook 2012-2013

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                      Our car show was a huge success! 

                                                           Watch for our Animoto video coming soon!
                                      Thank you to everyone in the community who
                                           supported this event for our children.

                GMS Car Show WEBsize.jpeg

                    Teacher of the Year Banquet

                Georgia Convention Center in Atlanta

                            May 3, 2013


        TOTY Banquet 2013.JPG         

                           L-R Tracy's mom, Marilyn Underwood,Ashlyn Jenkins her daughter,
                        Tracy Jenkins, Brad Jenkins her husband, Braden Jenkins Tracy's son.
                       Our last WLJA Student of the Week
                                for this school year
                          is 6th grader Rylan Cochran! 
           He was chosen by his health teacher, Coach Susan Nunn.
                             Congratulations to Rylan!


     Click the links below to watch our yearbook commercial:

                                 Commercial 1

                                      Commercial 2

                                            Commercial 3 


           Congratulations April Students of the Month!

        April stom 2013.JPG
                                                Front Row L-R Avery Sanford, Tyler Wright, Donnie Ledford, Dana Bixby

                                            Back Row L-R Kimberly Cruz, Kasey Fountain, Cesley Johnson, Asiria Vicente
                                                                                      Assistant Principal. April Smith
                                                      Our Band is Awesome!
Our Band is Awesome!.JPG


GMS 6th Grade Band performs for 5th Graders







   Congratulations GMS Band Students!

Seventeen GMS Band students were accepted into the District 9 Honor Band! 

The Bobcat Band members traveled to Habersham County High School on

Saturday, April 13th, where they worked under the direction of two guest conductors,

Mr. Baker and Mr. Blanchette. The students performed a fantastic concert in the late afternoon. 

 Honor Band.JPG
Back Row: Kaycee Searcy, Caleb Broussard, Bella Sanford, Nicholas Dupuis,

Ian Bryenton, Hope Cribbs, Rowe Fowler, Baley Brown, Samantha Barrios

Front Row: Kain Sluder, Mary Elizabeth Walker, Michaela Thomason,

Kelly Henson, Madison Jenkins, Joselin Aguillon, Santara Pierce, Erica Sharp




        Congratulations March Students of the Month

                            March 2013 STOM.JPG

                        Front Row, Left to right: Josie Reece, Baylee Whittemore,

                  Letica Loarca Tercero,  Cassidy Edmondson, Jacob Torbush Back

                              Row Trinity LeCroy, Zach Chastain, Baily Brown

                                                   Principal: Larry Walker, Asst. April Smith


               GMS Students Rock!



                           Kenneth Withrow, Nate Mooney, Serena Moles,

                           Abby Brock, Sydney Horton, Reagan Dempsey,

                                           Natalie Mintor, Marissa Boland
                           Serena Moles, Abby Brock, Sydney Horton, and     

                                                        Reagan   Dempsey               


       Serena Moles                                                    Abby Brock

     1st Place / Family Budget                                  1st Place / Crafts

                and Finance

            Sydney Horton                                       Reagan Dempsey

1st Place / Between Meal Snacks             3rd Place / Recycling
                                       (Clover from Google Images)



Congratulations Kaycee Searcy!
 Kaycee has been chosen  
WLJA Student of the Weekfrom GMS!  
She was selected by her teacher, Jessica Nohner.



                                Ashlin Jenkins.jpg


 GMS WLJA Student of the Week

                                                         Ashlyn Jenkins!

                                      She was chosen by her music teacher,

                                                             Mr. Adam Palmer.
Jessie Burnette spoke to Mrs. Jenkins' classes
on the topic of Indian Culture. She brought many objects
 from India and captured the students' attention as she spoke
 about her recent trips to India. Jessie
shared many pictures and stories
about life in India.


 Jessie Speaking to GMS_1 (1).JPG
Jessie speaking to GMS_2.JPG 
Jessie speaking to GMS_5.JPG 

 What is Mrs. Brooks cooking up?


Nitrogen experiment_1.jpeg

Nitrogen experiment_2.jpeg

Mrs. Brooks and co-teacher, Mrs. McMillan's 6th grade Science  classes experienced


the different states of matter and the effects temperature had on molecules.  T


his liquid nitrogen science lab kept students engaged and excited about finding answers!


students predicted and found outcomes.  One example: Students were asked how many


air filled balloons would fit into a small Styrofoam cooler with a small amount of liquid nitrogen,


most were shocked and amazed when they watched as they placed 23 balloons into the cooler.


Then again amazed to watch the air molecules spread back out, re-inflating the balloons as


they warmed back up to room temperature.  Other important lesson included Safety,


and safety equipment.

High Museum.JPG 
Mrs. Mosley's Honor Students visited the
High Museum, Thursday, February 7
GMS Spelling Bee_2.jpg
Congratulations to Brooklyn Bowen
1st Runner Up
Gilmer County Spelling Bee
Pictured above Mrs. April Smith, Assistant Prinncipal, Brooklyn Bowen,
 Mrs. Aimee Melton, Teacher
GMS Spelling Bee_4.jpg

Six GMS Finalists for Gilmer County Spelling Bee
Pictured above left to right
Ethen Eskew, Houston jones, Brooklyn Bowen, Riana Henderson,
Elodie Frezier, and Kimberly Garcia
These students participated in the County Spelling Bee,  Thursday, January 31
at Ellijay Elementary School Auditorium.
GMS Spelling Bee_3.jpg

Pictured above left to right front row: Grayson Patterson, Jacie Rogers,
 Riana Henderson, Ayla King, Connor Mohon, Ethen Eskew, Matt Long.
 Second row: Elodie Frezier, Kimberly Garcia, Bryson Smith, Houston Jones,
 Kyle Payne,/Evan Frady, Carter Hice, Marlie Cody, Rowe Fowler,
Back row: Jalynn Ledford, Dinah Bragg, Adeline Parker,
Brooklyn Bowen, Cesar Garcia, Austin Damon, Cade Evans, Jace McClure
                        Congratulations January Students of the Month! 
5A Samantha Dillard, 5B Luke Wimpey,
5C Valeria Cecillio
5D Georgia Teague, 6A Tyson Elliott,
6B Alex Rangel-Guzman
6C Nicholas Dupuis, 6D Ben Jones
GMS Students presenting
to the Board of Education
Congratulatoins to our December
Students of the Month
Dec. 2012 STOM (1).JPG 
Front Row:  Erin Johnson, Derrick Mulkey, Welldy Puac, Courtney Pendley
Back Row: Neida Velasquez, CJ Streicher, Sarah Sheahan, Montgomery Dupuis
Principal: Larry Walker, Asst. Principal: April Smith

   GMS Students Skype Experience


Pictures courtesy of Whitney Crouch and The Times Courier
Local Author visits GMS
Thank you Mrs. Farist for inviting Mrs. Hill!

   Kathi and students posing.jpg
Kathy reading from Fallilng.jpg

   Money machine, millie.JPG  winners.JPG
Students who sold the most cookie dough
made a grab for cash in the money machine!
Congratulations to the Essay Contest Winners
Celebrating Veterans' Day
Honoring our veterans
                            Veterans Day Essay Winners.jpg
                                       Students enjoyed shopping and browsing 
through the great selection of books at our bookfair.
Thank you to our parent volunteers;
We really couldn't have done it without you!
                                                                  We will be able to buy many great titles
for the media center with funds earned through our sales.

Thank you to Whitney Crouch and the Times Courier for our pictures. 
Mrs. Brooks' class getting dirty!.jpg
Dirt Lab_Brooks.JPG 
Students in Patti Brooks' 6th grade Science getting dirty!
 Dirt Lab Fun and educational 
                                Student Council November 2012.jpg 
               GMS has the best Student Council! Mrs. Tracy Jenkins has really helped
 lead these students by example of giving to others! Together they are
constantly working to beautiful our school and educate all students!
Today they helped with yet another project!
Thank you guys you make GMS even better!
GMS October Students of the Month
Front Row L to R:
Katie Kiker
April Smith, AP
Dulse Resendiz
Cesar Garcia-Orduna
Kayla Kohne
Jesus Rangel
Back Row L to R
Brooklyn Bowen
Bella Sanford
Hannah Watkins
Larry Walker, Principal
James Jones, AP
Our Monster Mash Dance
 Monster Mash Picture_2.jpg
Monster Mash Picture.jpg
We dressed up for the dance!
Monster Mash costumes.jpg
GMS Math Team to Berry College
                                  Math Team to Berry College.jpeg
                                     Congratulations to all the  participants from the GMS Math Team!!
                                                    They brought home the 2nd place trophy!!!
 GMS Students Bombing our Principal, Mr. Walker. 
Our students raised over 2500 cans of food
 for the Gilmer County Food Pantry.
Canned Food Reward Day_1.JPG 
Canned Food Reward Day_2.JPG
Canned Food Reward Day_3.JPG 
Canned Food Reward Day_6.JPG 
Canned Food Reward Day_5.JPG 
Field Trip 2012 128 Zoom.JPG 
5D Field Trip
and the Incline Railway.docx 
Article by Mati Teague and Riana Henderson 
 Field Trip 2012 017.jpg
Field Trip 2012 042.jpg 
Field Trip 2012 024.jpg 
Field Trip 2012 073.jpg 
Field Trip 2012 096.jpg  
photo (2).JPG 
Civil War Guest Speaker_1.jpg 
Mrs. Angie White's class made 
 edible cells
Edible Cells_6.jpg 
 Edible Cells_1.jpg
Edible Cells_2.jpg 
Edible Cells_3.jpg 
Edible Cells_4.jpg 
 Edible Cells_5.jpg
After wrapping up their science unit on cells,
Mrs. White’s 5th grade class completed an edible cell project.
 Everything they used to create their cell had to be edible.
Gummy worms, Jello, cookie cakes, jolly ranchers, icing, fruit,
and even pizza toppings were among the few creative ideas to
 complete the yummy assignments. After all their hard work of
 creating and presenting their cell to the class, students were
able to eat their project. Who knew cells could be so delicious?!
Click the document above to read about our project.Chicken Soup Unit_Hayden_2012 p. 1.jpg
Chicken Soup Unit_Hayden_2012 p. 2.jpg 
Mrs. Patti Brooks Class 
Mrs. Brooks Class_Solar Energy Project_2.jpg 
Mrs. Brooks’, 6th grade Science class is currently studying Earth’s energy and resources. 
 Included in our unit are fossil fuels, nuclear energy, wind energy, hydro-electric energy, geothermal energy, biomass fuels, and solar energy.   Students wrote:  Mrs. Brooks science class built a solar-powered model car on October 3-4, 2012.  Solar power is creating energy by using the sun’s rays.  A solar panel is required to create solar power.  Our solar panel is mounted on the top of the car.  The car pictured  was built by Grace , Ethan, Tristen, and Evan.
Solar Car.JPG
                                                          Mrs. Tracy Crook's Class
Mrs. Crooks class projects 2012.jpg 
Writing is creative with Mrs. Crook!
GMS Projects 010.jpg 
                                   Nov. STOM 2012.BMP
Students of the Month
Font Row: Claudia Rafael-Domingo, Chloee Cantrell,
 Katelyn Stover, Aniston Fowler.
Back Row: Abby Blackwell, Sara Mosley,
Evan Frady, Maggie Parks
Principal: Larry Walker, Asst. April Smith
GMS Kids are into all kinds of cool things!
                     Competition Dance Teams!
                             Mati Teague  
                  Swimming during Winter Break
           Chet Williamson and Jared May.jpg
                   Jared May and Chet Williamson
       Luke Wimpey.jpg
                             Luke Wimpey
                      Three Rivers Run 5K Race

           Rowe Fowler and Katie Campbell.jpg
                     Rowe Fowler and Katie Campbell

               Aniston Fowler.jpg
We love winter and snow days!
Erin Johnson.jpg
              Erin Johnson 
           Skiing and Tubing on Blue Ridge Lake!
                  Carter Ott.jpg
                               Carter Ott

                            Baton Twirling
 Horseback riding
  Katie Kiker_riding.jpg 
                        Katie and Petey
                     Lauren and Hitman
                             Mary Elizabeth and Zahtar
Sydney and Heaven
                                                    Abi and Zahtar, Hayley and Petey
  Katie, Hoyt, and Thomas
for earning your black belts!
                     Hoyt,  Randy, Renae, and Thomas
 11 year old football team.jpg
  Josey Gadd, Corbin Singleton, Kyle Parris
Austin Damann
Congratulaions to the following Students of the Month
for October:

5A Jessica Rogers
5B Aylah Wright
5C Gracie Watkins
5D Elizabeth Chesser

6A Rudy Andres
6B Alberto Vargas
6C TJ Sherrill
6D Ash Lowery
  Tools for Schools Award.jpeg
                Mrs. Sarah West's 6th grade class at GMS
 1st place Winner in the Ingles Tools for Schools sign up drive.
Cookie Dough Fundraiser Kick-off Pictures
                                                         Cookie dough kick off_1.jpg 
 We appreciate everyone who supported the school by purchasing our dough.
                        GMS Student Council votes in officers.JPG
GMS Student Council votes on officers.
Co Presidents:  Eli Cochran and Ashlyn Jenkins
               Co Vice Presidents:  Hoyt Stover and Kimberly Garcia
Co Secretaries:  Isaac Mullinax and Mary Lee Callihan
                        Co Public Relations:  Cade Evans and Bella Sanford
ETC Spelling Bee 
ETC Spelling Bee 2012 002_Just students.jpg 
                                Our 12 homeroom finalists for the ETC Spelling Bee were:
                             Jessica Rogers, Rachel Bennett, Samantha Dillard,
                               Alex Snellgrove, Brooklyn Bowen, Kelsey Nichols,
                     Connor Mohon, Johnny Sanchez, Ayla King , Taylor McCalley,
                                           Riana Henderson, and Dinah Bragg

ETC Spelling Bee 2012 004_Closer Up of 4 finalists.jpg 

                                           The annual 5th grade spelling bee was held at Gilmer Middle
                 School on September 18th to determine the finalists who will compete
 for the ETC 3 Spelling Bee in November, in Fannin County. Brooklyn Bowen, Connor Mohon,
Kelsey Nichols, and Jessica Rogers were named the four finalists from the
twelve homeroom representatives
to 6th grader Makenzie Duvall
who has been selected as GMS WLJA Student of the Week!
She was chosen by her Agriculture teacher, Mr. Keith Pankey